The revolutionary Spool StiX Line Winding System makes it easier than ever to apply fishing line all by your self. Constructed using a sturdy 100% aluminum construction, the Spool StiX Line Winding System holds spools of line at a precise 30-degree angle, which creates the perfect amount of pressure for compact spooling.


To install the Spool StiX Line Winding System, find a flat surface that is close to a 90-degree angle, any flat surface on the interior of your boat. Other options are inside of a rod locker or a boat compartment. Once you've chosen a spot, use a level to make sure it is truly vertical and then remove the adhesive covering and stick it firmly in place – that's it.

Where do I get Spool StiX?


 @ Tackle Warehouse



Watch a Spool StiX Demo Here:

Capable of holding spools of line up to 4-3/4" wide, the Spool StiX Line Winding System provides a permanent center for spooling – no more having to track down someone or something to hold the spool in place. Keep one in your boat, attached to your coffee table, or wherever you do most of your prepping, the Spool StiX Line Winding System delivers a convenient and compact line application time-after-time.

Dimensions: 7-1/4"L x 3/4"W x 1"D